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Two Rivers Primary School

Yellow 1

Welcome to Two Rivers Primary School's Yellow 1 Class page for Year 3 and 4 aged children who work in a formal approach, following the research of Penny Lacey. Our aim is to provide a safe, nurturing and inclusive learning environment where every child can thrive and reach their full potential.

 The class teachers are


Fiona and  Rebecca

We are supported by 2 teaching assistants.


Lucy and Leanne


Every Friday we have a special assembly to celebrate the week's achievements and topics. Each week, one child from Yellow 1 will be awarded with our 'Superstar Learner' award, which will be given for special achievements, good behaviour, manners or excellent work.


We have our P.E. lesson on a Tuesday and will need our P.E. kit on that day.

Forest School

Our forest school session is on a Tuesday and will need waterproof clothing and wellies on that day

Our topic this term is

Time Travellers - Romans

In Yellow 1 we encourage all pupils to be independent. In Yellow 1 we collect our own snack and if we are having toast we butter it ourselves. After we have finished we wash up any bowls or cutlery we have used independently.


Our intent is to equip our pupils with the skills and knowledge they need to become independent learners, capable of making their own decisions and taking responsibility for their own learning. We believe that by promoting independence, our pupils will be better prepared for the challenges they will face in the future.

To engage our learners, we have an exciting variety of Topics which we teach on a 2-year rolling programme.

Year A Topics include – Journeys, Frozen Planet, Space- Out of this World, Amazing animals, Terrific Time Travellers (Romans) and Colour, Shimmer and Shine.

Year B Topics include – Happy, Healthy Me, Victorian Wonderland, Let it Grow!, Chocoholics, The Great Outdoors and The Big Top. 




We implement our approach by providing a structured and supportive learning environment where pupils can develop their knowledge, skills and confidence. We encourage our pupils to engage fully in their learning, setting goals and targets with them and providing opportunities for them to reflect on their progress.  We also provide a range of resources and strategies to support our pupils, including visual aids, assistive technology and multi-sensory learning experiences. Our staff work closely with parents and other professionals to ensure that our pupils receive the support they need to develop their independence and achieve their full potential.

In Yellow 1 we help with the animals by cleaning them out when it is our week, feeding them throughout the day and making sure they have enough water.


Our approach has a positive impact on our pupils, as they develop the skills and confidence they need to become independent learners. Our pupils are able to take an active role in their learning, setting goals and making decisions about how they approach their work.  We also see improvements in our pupils' social and emotional development, as they become more self-aware and confident in their abilities. Our pupils develop positive attitudes towards learning, which helps to foster a love of learning that will serve them well throughout their lives.

Every Friday we have Assembly which helps us to come together to learn about relevant topics and festivals and sing and sign together in celebration. Each week a Star Learner is named and celebrated in front of the whole key stage. A copy of the Star Learner certificate is sent home and also displayed in our school hall. 

We welcome parents to come and see the positive impact our approach is having on our pupils. Our staff are always available to answer any questions and provide further information about our Yellow 1 class.

Our Reading Approach:

At Two Rivers Primary School, we are dedicated to providing our students with a strong foundation in reading. To achieve this goal, we use the Bug Club Phonics Programme. This programme is designed to help children learn the sounds and letter combinations that make up words, which is essential for their reading and writing development. The Bug Club Phonics Programme is a comprehensive approach that combines phonics, irregular words and contextual reading to help students develop their reading skills. Our teachers use a variety of fun and engaging activities to help children master phonics, such as games, songs, and interactive lessons. We believe that every child deserves to learn to read and enjoy the magic of stories, and our Bug Club Phonics Programme helps make this a reality. Please visit the dedicated Reading page within the Parents and Carers section of our website for further information about Phonics and some useful links to help you support your child with reading at home.

We love reading in Yellow 1, in the morning you will always see us with a book as we wait for all of our peers to arrive. We enjoy reading 1:1 with an adult once a week in groups of 4 once a week. We talk about what has happened in the book and identify any questions we may have to support our comprehension skills. We enjoy a visit to our school library once a week to support our exposure to different types of text and reading. We also enjoy reading a story at the end of the day each day too!