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Two Rivers High School

Therapy / Holistic Offer

Counselling Service 

These sessions provide pupils with the opportunity to receive weekly 1:1 counselling. During these sessions, pupils can talk about any worries or concerns they have. Reasons for referral can include: Low mood, Low self-esteem and low confidence, Depression, Stress, Exam related stress, Anxiety, Understanding of feelings and emotions, Friendships/Relationships, Anger Management, Trauma and Bereavement. 

Walking and Talking 

A group of four pupils meet weekly to take part in a series of nurture-based activities which start outside the room in the school grounds and end in the nurture room. These sessions support pupils with their social learning and developing positive relationships with the other members of the group.  

Nurture Groups  

Nurture is a short term-based intervention for pupils with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. The aim is to encourage positive pupil relationships with both teachers and peers in a supportive environment. Nurture groups are also designed to give pupils vital opportunities for social learning – for example by encouraging them to share food at breakfast and ‘snack time’ and to help other pupils in the group. Pupils meet once a week in groups of four which change every term.  

Drawing and Talking 

Drawing and Talking is a gentle, non-intrusive method of working with children who need a little help to support their emotional and learning needs. A trained member of staff works with the pupils for one weekly 30-minute session for a block of 12 weeks. During the sessions, pupils can draw anything they choose and will be encouraged to talk about their feelings using storytelling language to help make sense of their emotions. 

Music Therapy 

Music therapy is delivered through Individual and whole class sessions in school. Music Therapy is based on the understanding that the ability to respond to and express yourself through music is universal and does not depend on training or experience. Anyone can be drawn into active music making and form a musical relationship with another person. Through this relationship, beneficial changes and developments can be encouraged and promoted within a safe environment. In music therapy sessions, the therapist and the child improvise together, creating their own music. A range of percussion and melodic instruments are used to do this. Music therapy is often used when the child finds it hard to engage with a purely verbal therapy. 

Therapeutic Play 

Weekly 1:1 sessions are provided for a period of six or twelve weeks depending on the referral reasons. There is a wide range of play materials for the pupils to explore and play with in the room. Using the child’s natural medium of play means that the child can explore their thoughts and feelings in creative and dynamic ways, without having to use words to articulate themselves. The sessions aim to build a child’s ability to develop healthy and resilient relationships, and to work through traumatic experiences which may be preoccupying them and make learning at school challenging. 

Lego Therapy  

The sessions run with three pupils in a group for twelve weekly sessions. The sessions include team-based activities and the pupils take turns at taking on different roles as they build together. They are the Engineer, Supplier and Builder. There are also opportunities for freestyle building where the pupils can design and create their own models.  

Relaxation Therapy 

These sessions provide pupils with the opportunity to have foot and hand massage, Indian Head massage and Aromatherapy to give them time to relax and unwind. These are carried out by members of staff who are trained in these techniques.   

ELSA-Emotional Literacy Support Assistant  

The ELSA trained member of staff provides weekly 1:1 sessions with individual pupils to support with their social and emotional learning and covers the following areas: social skills, emotions, bereavement, social stories and therapeutic stories, anger management, self-esteem, counselling skills such as solution focus and friendships. A range of resources on all of the above topics are used with the pupil during the sessions.  

As part of our wellbeing provision, sensory offer and emotional regulation tools we may also provide the following:  

  • Hand/wrist/ foot massage  
  • Use of heated and vibrating toys  
  • Head massage/ brushing hair  
  • Deep pressure/ massage (under Occupational Therapy guidance)  
  • Use of the foot spa  
  • Etc  

If you do not wish for your child to take part in these therapies or alternative provisions, please let school know.