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Two Rivers Primary School

Safeguarding Processes

Safeguarding Processes and information for Rainbow Room


All staff have been recruited in line with KCSIE safer recruitment – all checks in place.

All staff have had up to date safeguarding training based on KCSIE 2023.


All children who attend The Rainbow Room will have gone through a referral process via our Tamworth SEND and inclusion Hub.  This helps to identify that the intervention support that The Rainbow Room can offer will be of help to the child.

All of the children who attend The Rainbow Room remain on the roll of their mainstream school.  The register will be taken for each session at The Rainbow Room, and this information will be shared with their mainstream school.  The mainstream school remain responsible for the child.


If your child is going to be absent from The Rainbow Room for their learning session, please ensure that you inform your child’s mainstream school (in your normal way) and inform The Rainbow Room lead teacher – Mel Brindley.  This can be done by calling Anker Valley Primary School on 01827 949319.  If you are absent without informing us, we will try to contact you to ensure everyone is safe and well.

Concerns or worries:

If you have any concerns or worries of a safeguarding nature, please do speak to Mel Brindley – Lead Teacher for the Rainbow Room.

If you feel you cannot speak to Mel Brindley about this, please do contact:

Richard Bryan – Designated Safeguarding Lead (Two Rivers Primary) – 01827 426123.

Laura Slinn – Executive Headteacher – 01827 426123.

Marie Povey – Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead (Two Rivers Primary)- 01827 426123.

Natalie Horlor – Designated Safeguarding Lead and Head of School (Anker Valley)- 01827 949310. 

The safeguarding leads report concerns to your mainstream school also, so that they have a complete picture of any concerns.  In addition to this, mainstream schools will share important information with Mel Brindley, so that we are able to work together effectively, to keep everyone safe and well.

Morning Drop off and After Session Collection:

Drop off time for The Rainbow Room is 10am, we ask that you bring your child to the main entrance of Anker Valley School and remain with your child, until they are collected by The Rainbow Room staff.  Here you will have the opportunity to share information pertinent to the day.

Collection time for The Rainbow Room is 2pm, we ask that you wait at the main entrance of Anker Valley School – where your child will be brought to you.

If you need to send somebody different to collect your child, we ask that you call Anker Valley School on 01827 949319 and inform them of this information, providing a password for the person to say when they collect your child.  We will only let children leave with someone different to their parent if there is a phone call and password in place, this is to ensure everyone is safe.

Class Closures – in the case of severe weather or any other emergency for which the site may need to be closed to ensure the safety of children and staff – all mainstream schools and families will be contacted directly by Mel Brindley.  This will be through a phone call and a message on our communication app.