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What is safeguarding?

Safeguarding is the action that is taken to promote the welfare of children and protect them from harm.  Safeguarding means protecting children from abuse and maltreatment … taking action to enable all children and young people to have the best outcomes.  (NSPCC).

At Two Rivers Primary School the safeguarding of our children is the highest priority.  We recognise that keeping our children safe and healthy is everyone’s responsibility.

All staff receive regular safeguarding training.

Safeguarding support is provided by everyone at Two Rivers Primary School with a dedicated safeguarding team committed to ensuring that all concerns are followed up and support provided to our children and families.


               Simone Parry                                                                               Amy Newman

     Designated Safeguarding Lead                                   Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

             EYFS & Tamworth Nursery                                                   EYFS & Tamworth Nursery



              Richard Bryan                                                             Marie Povey                Laura Slinn

       Designated Safeguearding Lead                            Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

            Primary School                                                                     Primary School



             Sharon Barnes                                                                             Sue Forest

      Safeguarding Governor                                                                Family Liaison

We are determined to support our children and families wherever possible so please if you have any concerns for the safeguarding of any of our children including your own please make contact with Richard and Sue in the first instance or contact the school office directly.

If you have immediate safeguarding concerns for any child, please don’t wait or think someone else will act.  Contact Staffordshire Childrens Advice and Support Service on 0300 111 8007 or          e-mail or call the police on 999 or for police non emergencies call 101.

Pastoral Support

Our safeguarding team are available to you for information, support and guidance.

We aim to identify any issues of concern at the earliest opportunity to remove any barriers to learning which may be preventing our children from reaching their potential. Working alongside all staff we aim to build positive relationships with our children and families so that we can respond as quickly as possible to any issues and ensure difficulties are discussed and resolved.

We work with many other agencies and organisations, so please get in touch and let us help.

This page includes a list of useful safeguarding websites, please take the time to have a look as this may also be a useful source of information and guidance.


Thank you


Staffordshire Safeguarding Board



The Pants Rule – Advice on keeping children safe from sexual abuse

Internet Matters - Keeping children safe on line

Minecraft – Staying safe on Minecraft

Net Aware  – parents reviewing children’s social networks, apps and games

The Internet Watch Foundation – removing child sexual abuse imagery on line

UK Safer Internet Centre – Parental controls offered by home internet providers.