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Two Rivers Primary School


Welcome to the Communication Page!

At Two Rivers Primary School, we believe in fostering effective and inclusive communication for all our students. We recognise that each child has their own unique way of expressing themselves, and it is our mission to ensure that they are heard, understood, and empowered in their learning journey. To achieve this, we utilize three powerful communication tools: Makaton, PODD, and PECs.


Makaton is a communication program that uses a combination of speech, signs, and symbols to support individuals with communication difficulties. By incorporating gestures, facial expressions, and simple signs alongside spoken language, Makaton helps children develop their communication skills and express their thoughts, needs, and emotions more effectively. Makaton is widely recognized and used across the school, enabling both students and staff to communicate more easily and inclusively.


PODD (Pragmatic Organization Dynamic Display): PODD is a communication system designed for individuals who have complex communication needs and rely on augmentative and alternative communication (AAC). It provides a comprehensive range of symbols and vocabulary to support communication across various environments and situations. PODD utilizes a user-friendly grid system that allows students to navigate and select symbols or phrases, enabling them to express their ideas, preferences, and questions more independently and confidently.



PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System): PECS is a communication approach that uses pictures and visual aids to support individuals with limited verbal communication skills. By using a series of structured steps, students learn to exchange pictures to initiate and engage in communication. PECS not only facilitates language development but also promotes social interaction and independence. It empowers students to make choices, request items, and share information effectively, enhancing their overall communication skills.