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Two Rivers Primary School

Remote Learning

 Welcome to our ‘Remote Learning’.

Over this lockdown period and the previous one, we have communicated with you to find out what is the best way to meet the needs of our remote learners.  On this page you will find the answer to remote learning for our school:

Approach 1: All families who are working remotely will receive a home learning pack that is individual to their child – this is the focus for the remote learning and these

will be sent out on a weekly or fortnightly basis, depending on which class they are in. These will be emailed or posted out to you. Please do take photographs

of what you complete and return them to school through Class Dojo or email.  We will really like to see how well you are achieving.  These will support all of the children’s individual EHCPs.

Approach 2: For those times when children need to complete, some activities without as much adult intervention we will be setting up a web page called ‘Remote

Learning’. This will provide different things to watch, play and listen to each day. This will be split into two pathways and so you can chose which activities

and programmes you want to watch. This will be updated each week.  Please click on the links below to engage in this online learning.  We hope you enjoy this.

All Learners: Can you win the worker of the week prize?

Each week we will be looking at all of the wonderful work that you have sent in or completed at school. We will then be choosing a ‘Worker of the Week’ prize – one for a member of each class in school and one for a member of each class working remotely. You have a really good chance of winning a prize and these will be delivered to you each week. Keep an eye out for our whole school dojo on a Friday afternoon to see who has won the prize for the week.