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Two Rivers High School

Parent Carer - Support in the Community

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Support for yourself 

If you are suffering abuse

If you are worried that you are abusive, you can contact the free Respect helpline on 0808 802 4040.

Worried about Forced Marriage and Honour Crimes


Supporting your child

Mental Health Needs - Click To Find Out More  Support and Guidance 

ACE's Adverse Childhood Experience

Youtube - ACE's Video

NHS - ACE's Overview

NHS Scotland - ACE's information


MindEd - Parenting a Child with Anxiety Issues Guide

Childline - Youtube Video - How to Cope with Anxiety 

Childline - Youtube Video - 3 Ways to Overcome Stress

Childline - ZIPIT APP Designed to Help you Regain Control Sexting & Online Chat

ADHD Foundation - Recognising Anxiety

10 Top Tips for Teaching Emotions

Attachment and Child Development

Seasame Street - Information on Responsive Parenting 

Bath University - Youtube Video - Attachment Aware Schools

NICE - Identification, Assessment and Treatment of Attachment Difficulties in Children

ADHD Foundation - What is Attachement Information Page

Bereavement and Loss 

MindEd - Guidance for Dealing with Loss (including loss of a pet) 

Childline- 0800 1111

Find local Help 

Cruse Bereavement - 0808 808 1766

Child Bereavement UK - 0800 02 888 40

Winstons Wish - Support and Guidance

NHS - Help is at Hand Bereavement after Suicide  

Challenging Behaviour 

Childline - Why am I angry - Support, Information and Guidance

Eating Problems 

BEAT - Eating Disorder Poster 

BEAT - Helpline: 0808 801 0677 

Studentline: 0808 801 0811

Youthline: 0808 801 0711

ABC - Help Directory (Getting help in your local area) 

Prior Group - Eating Disorder Guidance

NEDA - Eating Disorder Toolkit for Parents 

NEDA - Eating Disorder Toolkit for Educators 

Sleep Disorders / Difficulties 

Good Sleep Hygiene Checklist

Sleep Diary Template 

Low Mood or Depression 

Childline - Youtube Video Family Problems 

Books to Read - Be Happy to Be you 

Kapow - Increasing Self Confidence and Self Awareness 

Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour 

Royal Collage of Psychiatrist - OCD Guide for parents and carers. 

BBC - Video Explaining OCD

Overactivity or Poor Concentration 

Young Minds - Living with ADHD

ADHD Foundation - Hints and Tips 

ADHD Foundation - ADHD Fact Sheet

ADHD Foundation - ADHD and Comorbid Conditions 

ADHD Foundation - What is Dyspraxia Guide 

Tourettes - Support and Guidance 

ADHD Matters - Child Friendly Videos Explaining What it is like to have ADHD 


Childline - Self-harm Coping Techniques

Anna Freud - Self-harm in Children and Young People

University of Oxford - Coping with Self-Harm Guide

ADHD Foundation - Self Harm Guide


MindEd for Families - Coping with Trama Guide 

Seasame Street - Children Friendly Resources Trauma and Crisis Focus 

Childline - Youtube Video - Building Confidence after Online Bullying 

Suicidal Feelings and Thoughts

Papyrus - Prevention of Young Suicide 

NSPCC - Mental Health and Suicidal Thoughts Support 

Mental Health and Wellbeing Resources 

Anna Freud - Supporting Mental Health and Wellbeing Guide

Online safety Guides (linked to Wellbing) 

Teaching Guidance for Mental Health and Wellbeing 

Support Pupils Mental Health Whole School

Young Minds - Hello Yellow Resources for World Mental Health Day

 'State of the Nation' - World Mental Health Day

Cyberbullying and Online Harrassment 

PSHE Association - Teaching Metal Health

Support for schools around a suicide of a child attending the school.

The Mix - support for young people regarding self-harm, including apps and tools 

NHS - Mental Health and Wellbeing Resources 

Parent Support and Guidance 

Top Tips - How to have difficult conversations with your child 

calming exercises - childline 


Worried about food 

Visit online Tamworth Foodbank | Helping Local People in Crisis or go to your nearest foodbank 

Manna House 258-264 Glascote Road
B77 2AY

Tamworth Signposting support or befriending