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Two Rivers High School


Attention mainstream schools!

Enhance your inclusive practices and provide exceptional support for students with SEND.

Contact Us:   01827 426124

FAO: Claire Milton (SEN specialist) or John Sage (Lead Therapist).


Are you looking to enhance your inclusive practices and provide exceptional support for students with special educational needs and disabilities? Look no further! Our experienced and dedicated SEND Specialist Outreach Teacher is here to collaborate with you, making a lasting impact on the lives of all students.

At Two Rivers High School we believe that every child deserves an education that caters to their unique abilities and needs. Our SEND Specialist Outreach Teacher brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help your school create an inclusive environment where every student can thrive. Working hand in hand with your teachers and support staff, our outreach teacher will provide tailored guidance, strategies, and interventions to meet the diverse needs of students with SEND.

Our SEND Specialist Outreach Teacher is committed to building a strong partnership with your school community. They will offer specialised support to equip your staff with the tools and knowledge to effectively support students with SEND in the classroom. From adaptive techniques to behaviour management strategies, our outreach teacher will empower your educators to create an inclusive and engaging learning environment.

With their extensive experience in supporting a range of SEND needs, our outreach teacher is well-versed in working with students with autism, dyslexia, ADHD, PDA and more. They understand the importance of personalised attention, scaffolding learning, and nurturing the unique strengths of each student.

As a school we are Trauma informed, accredited in Mental Health and are hoping to be a flagship school for relational and restorative practice.   

By inviting our SEND Specialist Outreach Teacher to support your staff and pupils, you are demonstrating your commitment to inclusive education and empowering every student to reach their full potential. Together, we can build an environment where all students are valued, celebrated, and supported on their educational journey.

Contact us today to explore how our SEND Specialist Outreach Teacher can collaborate with your school to foster inclusivity, provide exceptional support, and create a brighter future for all students. Let's work together to unlock the potential of every learner in your school.

SCC have heavily subsidised this support for one year. Gain a visit from a specialist teacher or sensory OT specialist plus a written report for £50 (full price should be £500 per day).

Other Therapies also provided:

•Music Therapy     

•Drawing and Talking Therapy     

•Lego Based Therapy     

•Relaxation Therapy

•Therapeutic Play 

•Behaviour regulation (Zones of regulation)  

•Support with relational and restorative approaches (including solutions circles, restorative conferencing and relationship building)

*Prices provided on request