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Two Rivers Primary School

Morning Drop Off and Collection

Morning Drop off and After School Collection

This is a very busy part of the day for the school and we ask for your cooperation in the process to help us ensure that all children arrive safely at school.

Morning Drop off:

  • We ask that children who are brought to school by parents/carers arrive at school no earlier than 9.15am.
  • We ask that you drop of your child at the designated entrance where they will be met by staff and taken to their classroom.
  • Registration closes at 9:30am.
  • Children who arrive on LA transport will be wait in their bus or taxi until 9:00am and will be collected by staff from their transport once the bell has rung.

After School Collection:

  • Classes will be brought to the buses at 3.00pm.
  • Parents/Carers are asked not to arrive before 3.15pm due to heavy traffic congestion and then to wait at their designated entrance. Once you have been seen we will call your child to come to be handed over to you. This may take a little time but is a safe way for the children to depart from school.
  • Children who are collected by LA transport will wait in the hall in their bus line with a member of staff and will be escorted out to their transport by school staff.

Laura Slinn

Executive Headteacher