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Two Rivers Primary School

Morning Drop Off and Collection

To maintain safety and supervision of the children at all times.

  • We ask that children arrive at school no earlier than 8:50am.
  • At 9am the hall doors will be opened.  We ask that you drop off your child into the hall where they will be met by staff and taken to their classroom.
  • School continues to start at 9:10am and registration closes at 9:20am.
  • Remember there is limited space in the entrance hall and this is where you will need to wait, if you arrive between 8:50am and 9:00am, we invite you to share in some reading with your child, by choosing one of our new books from the sharing shelves.
  • Collection at the end of the day, will continue to follow the regular routine we are used to.


We thank you for your cooperation in this matter and will continue to monitor the drop off and pick up routines to ensure maximum safety for all.