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Two Rivers Primary School

End of Keystage Results

Welcome to Two Rivers Primary School's End of Key Stage Results Page

Click below to discover the achievements of our unique learners at Two Rivers Primary School as we celebrate the culmination of their key stage journey.

Our Approach: At Two Rivers, we embrace a holistic education model, tailored to diverse learning, encouraging perseverance, and recognising individual strengths.  We work to set challenging targets, regardless of the learners starting points – to ensure that they achieve at their very best.  For us, this is one part of what we do.

Celebrating Success: Explore this page to view the academic progress based on national attainment standards of our students. It's a testament to their dedication and the collaborative efforts of our dedicated educators, support staff, and families.

Thank you for being part of the Two Rivers Primary School community, where we celebrate achievements, nurture growth, and create a positive and inclusive environment for all.