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Two Rivers Primary School

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Monday 1st March

St David’s Day - Watch and read about St David’s Day

Look at these news articles and find 5 facts about St. David’s Day


St David's Day 2020: Everything you need to know - CBBC Newsround

Symbol World Newspaper

Widgit SymbolWorld: St David's Day

Tuesday 2nd March

Wednesday 3rd March

Horton Hears A Who

Sit back relax and enjoy the story

Thursday 4th March

Practise your multiplication skills with this coconut game

Coconut Multiples - Reinforce Times Tables (

Today’s book is The Lorax

Use this link to listen and read along

Friday 5th March

Practice making arrays and answering questions with this game

Multiplication Games for Kids Online - SplashLearn

Monday 22nd February

Name the shapes

A Messy Magpie

Junk Rescue - CBeebies - BBC

Tuesday 23rd February

Wednesday 24th February

Make your own paper

Thursday 25th February

Friday 26th February

Recycling video clip

Recycling - what's the best way to sort waste? (signed) - KS2 Science - BBC Bitesize

Monday 8th February

Timetables collection BBC Teach

Rhyming poetry - Year 4 - P5 - English - Catch Up Lessons - Home Learning with BBC Bitesize - BBC Bitesize

Counting in ones and twos

Rhyming words - Year 1 - P2 - English - Catch Up Lessons - Home Learning with BBC Bitesize - BBC Bitesize

Counting beats to 20

Rhymes - BBC Bitesize

The sign2sing library

Fight by  Rachel Platten

A Million Dreams from the Greatest Showman

Reach by S Club 7

Singing Hands

Singing hands channel - YouTube


Tuesday 9th February

Research Internet Safety

Kiddle - visual search engine for kids

Computing - BBC Bitesize

Odd and even numbers

Listen to the story

Internet safety

E-safety quiz

Dance Mat Typing - BBC Bitesize

Wednesday 10th February

Sand timer

The effects of different drinks on teeth - KS2 Science - BBC Bitesize

Thursday 11th February

Facts about St Valentines Day

What is Valentine's Day and how did it start? - CBBC Newsround

Friday 12th February

Pancake Party

What is Lent? - BBC Bitesize

Monday 1st February

Chinese Dragon Game - Ordering and Sequencing Numbers (

Chinese and Lunar New Year - CBeebies - BBC

Tuesday 2nd February

How did the Chinese Years get their name?

Chinese Zodiac facts

Chinese Zodiac Facts for Kids (

Wednesday 3rd February

Click on the links below for Chinese new year activities

Chinese New Year - Make An Ox Activity (

Chinese New Year - Make a Lucky Red Envelope (

Chinese New Year - Songs and Videos (

Thursday 4th February

Friday 5th February

Scroll to the bottom of this page to find the Chinese New Year Recipe Book

Monday 25th January

Click on the link below for instructions to make the bird feeder

Make a Recycled Bird Feeder | Fun Activities for Kids - The RSPB

Tuesday 26th September

Wednesday 27th January

Thursday 28th January

Click on the links below

The Thirsty Crow

Read the instructions and follow the pictures to make a writing quill

Friday 30th January

Answer the questions to find out which bird you are like

Which garden bird are you? (

Monday 18th January

Click on the links below to 

Watch the film Lost and Found based on the book by Oliver Jeffers

Or you can read the book

Tuesday 19th January

Wednesday 20th January

Thursday 21st January

Friday 22nd January

Monday 11th January

Click on the link to 

Watch and listen to the story The Runaway Iceberg

Tuesday 12th January

Wednesday 13th January

Thursday 14th January

Friday 15th January

 Click on the link for instructions on how to make a zig zag book