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Two Rivers High School

Curriculum Statement

Two Rivers High School

Animal Care Curriculum Statement


At Two Rivers we aim to provide our students with core skills, an opportunity for work experience and a thoroughly explored career choice. Learning through our Animal Care course encompasses all these areas. We want our students to develop and hone their skills and interests whilst enjoying exploring the range of animal care roles that are needed in our society. This gives students life long, transferable skills for life after Two Rivers. The Hair and Beauty curriculum is based on a two-year rolling programme and follows a similar pathway style to that of a BTEC Introduction to Animal Care. Students are taught in three-hour lessons once a week where they learn, develop and master the various skills needed to provide comprehensive care to a range of animals, alongside personal development.


In Animal Care, we want our learners to take an active role within their lessons and take ownership over their educational journey. We strive to make lessons enjoyable, engaging and relevant, whilst providing high- quality education and knowledge from passionate staff. Staff provide a safe and nurturing learning environment where students can grow in confidence and ability and reach their full potential.


Animal Care at Two Rivers High School offers pupils with difficulties opportunities to:
• increase their self- esteem.
• to develop the ability and confidence to respond, to listen and to understand.
• to interact and communicate effectively with others in a range of social
• to make choices, obtain information, question, reflect and be actively involved
   in decision making and problem solving.
• to show initiative and think about the ways in which they learn.
• to develop creatively, imaginatively, and emotionally.
• to have access to a wide range of resources and practices from a range of cultures to enrich and broaden their experiences.
• to develop and grow academically 
• to have opportunities to enhance life and personal skills.
• to provide access to external certified courses when appropriate.
• to see the viability and variety of career options within the animal care industry.

Schemes of work are updated regularly so that our students get the very best and most up-to-date information regarding new practices and ways of thinking. We embrace the school’s motto ‘EDUCATION THROUGH CREATIVITY’ and we want to play a vital role in helping our students to live happy, confident lives.      

Open Classrooms

Our animal care lessons are always open to visitors, and we welcome partnerships and collaborative work with each other, parents, support agencies, other schools, and industry professionals.

These opportunities will be provided in a safe environment that pays due regard to the development of the whole child. Each pupil will be treated fairly and have access to a broad, balanced and skills focused curriculum regardless of disability, race, gender, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation.

Our Promise

Our developing curriculum will be an ever-evolving curriculum for the twenty-first century. It will always:

• focus on the learner.

• equip learners with transferable skills.

• focus on continuity and progression.

• be inclusive and offer equality of opportunity.

• will be necessarily flexible.

• will support Government policy, including National Curriculum England, Europe and the World, equal opportunities, food and fitness, sustainable development and global citizenship, and the world of work and entrepreneurship.

• focus on the social and emotional aspects of learning.

• transform learning to produce resourceful, resilient, and reflective learners who will become independent and interdependent.

• be relevant, challenging, and interesting to all.