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Two Rivers High School

Curriculum Statement

           Two Rivers High School

Life Skills Curriculum Statement

The aim for the teaching of Life Skills is to ensure that pupils of Two Rivers High School are prepared for life beyond high school. This two-year course provides students with the opportunity to engage in a wide range of skills, such as keeping ourselves clean, fine motor skills and experiencing the local community. Students will have access to two hours of Life Skills sessions per week which will be a mixture of theory and practical-based lessons. At Two Rivers, we are passionate about ensuring that our students are ready for life beyond high school and have the life skills necessary for living an increasingly independent life.

Pupils in the Discoverers strand at Two Rivers High School will be following the EQUALS Curriculum which we, as a school, feel suits the needs of our learners best. The Life Skills curriculum is split between two groups of classes and follows a two-year course. Galaxy and Everest will be following the Semi-Formal EQUALS curriculum whereby they will cover topics such as fine and gross motor skills, travel training, how to shop correctly and cooking. Arctic and Nova will be following the EQUALS Adventurer and Explorer Moving on 14+ Curriculum whereby they will be studying citizenship, leisure and recreational activities and daily living skills. These topics encourage our learners to be assured that they can lead a life which is as independent as possible, whilst also nurturing them by ensuring that part of growing up is looking after their mental health as well as physical health.

Pupils in Sixth Form will be following the WJEC Independent Living Curriculum, focusing on hygiene and food preparation in the first year of the course and in the second, families, the community and an introduction to childcare.

Continuous Development and the Skills Framework

Schemes of work will be updated, and adapted, regularly so that they suit the current needs of our learners.  Every class within each key stage is vastly different so it is imperative that each teacher’s schemes of work are constantly updated and altered so that the individual needs of each pupil are met.
Life skills and the topic it covers; communication, healthy living and safety are crucial and key factors in children and young adults’ development which will underpin all our planning from 2022 onwards. The big picture documents will enable every educator to identify the current level of attainment of their pupils and plan for the next step in their learning. Progression is cumulative and not separated into different year groups. We will map curriculum content against the EQUALS and WJEC Curriculum, however the focus on teaching skills appropriate to the pupils’ needs rather than their age, is indispensable to the teaching of children with additional needs. We will analyse pupil data to ensure that our schemes of work are adding value to their education and preparing them appropriately for life beyond Two Rivers.

Open Classrooms

Our Life Skills lessons are always open to visitors, and we welcome partnerships and collaborative work with each other, parents, support agencies, other schools, and opportunities within the local community.


Our Promise

Our developing curriculum will be an ever-evolving curriculum for the twenty-first century. It will always:

• focus on the learner.

• equip learners with transferable skills.

• focus on continuity and progression.

• be inclusive and offer equality of opportunity.

• will be necessarily flexible.

• will support Government policy, including National Curriculum England, Europe and the World, equal opportunities, food and fitness, sustainable development and global citizenship, and the world of work and entrepreneurship.

• focus on the social and emotional aspects of learning.

• transform learning to produce resourceful, resilient, and reflective learners who will become independent and interdependent.

• be relevant, challenging, and interesting to all.