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Two Rivers High School

Curriculum Statement

    Two Rivers High School

Community Visits/Independent Travel Curriculum Statement


At Two Rivers High School we aim to provide a varied Community Visits/Independent Travel curriculum aimed at students who are in complex needs cohort or in their later years of formal education to equip them with the necessary skills to access the wider community.


In Complex Needs this curriculum area is known as ‘Community Visits’.  For the older, and more able students, the curriculum area is known as Independent Travel.


The curriculum aims to build on skills to motivate and to excite young people so that no matter how complex their needs are, they can learn a lifelong skill that they can take with them into adulthood and beyond life at Two Rivers High School.


The curriculum will enable students to know how to keep themselves safe, what to do in an emergency, plan journeys, and the steps required to use public transport, including the use of assistive technologies.


In detail, the curriculum will include:


  • Appropriate behaviour and consequences in the community, on school transport and public transport e.g. local bus services, train services
  • Road safety
  • Dealing with emergencies and how to summon help in the community or on public transport either for themselves or for others
  • How to find the nearest and appropriate bus stop
  • Using school transport
  • Alighting and disembarking the public transport or school transport
  • Understand the process of using a bus pass to access travel
  • How to read timetables
  • Using paper timetables to plan a journey and multiple journeys on public transport
  • Using technology to help them plan a journey, locate public transport in real time and identify walking routes to defined destinations
  • Visiting different venues in the community
  • Using money management skills


Students will work towards a formal qualification, and this will be either an Equals Award or AQA Unit Award, (depending on their Strand).