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Two Rivers High School

Curriculum Statement

Two Rivers High School

SMSC Curriculum Statement


Purpose of study

SMSC is a broad and balanced subject which enable pupils to consider and have experience of a range of belief systems, rituals, festivals, places of worship and important societal issue. Students will develop knowledge of social and moral issues in society, therefore gaining a wider and more informed view of the world around us alongside gaining knowledge of ways of living and values. It is hoped that through SMSC pupils will learn about acceptance and diversity and will incorporate into these skills such as researching, discussion, role play, problem solving, debating, presenting and many more.



SMSC is a lesson that aims to support our pupils to:

-develop an understanding of their own and others’ beliefs

-develop respect for similarities and differences in ways of living

-raise awareness of prejudice, discrimination, equality, tolerance and social skills

-develop their own views and learn to accept the views of others.

- learn about and consider social, moral, spiritual and cultural aspects of life.


Our Promise

Our developing curriculum will be planned and taught based on pupil’s needs and understanding and works in accordance with national curriculum. It will always:

-offer pupils the opportunity to see different religions and place first hand.

-focus on the learner, their needs and existing understanding of the world.

-equip learners with transferable skills.

-provide pupils with links to real life scenarios and situations.

-focus on continuity and progression.

-be inclusive and offer equality of opportunity.

-will be necessarily flexible.

-challenge misconceptions in an informative and sensitive manner.

-provide pupils with a safe, respectful and supportive learning environment,

-challenge stereotypes and prejudice with the aim of encouraging tolerance and acceptance

-transform learning to produce resourceful, resilient, and reflective learners who will become independent and interdependent.

-be relevant, challenging, adaptable and interesting to all.

-capture pupil’s minds to the value of diversity within society.

-encourage pupils to look close to home for support.