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Two Rivers High School

Curriculum Statement

           Two Rivers High School

Physical Education Curriculum Statement


The Physical Education curriculum has been constructed to include opportunities for pupils to become physically literate movers and support them in leading healthy active lives. In conjunction with the sporting curricular, the overarching theme concepts will promote a revolutionized, meaningful approach to PE. The concept approach to PE will support us in meeting our pupils’ additional needs by equipping them with the skills in preparation for their life after Two Rivers.


Discoverers – The Discoverers will develop their awareness, physical mobility and understanding of the world around them through a selection of activities and sensory approaches to physical education. In addition to this, the curriculum intent includes opportunities for pupils to become physically confident in a way which can support their health and fitness.


Explorers & Adventurers (Year 7-10): The Explorers and Adventurers pupils will develop their physical literacy though a range of physical activities and competitive sport through years 7-10.  The vision for the curriculum is for pupils to develop their application of skills, decision making, technique and tactics through a broad range of physical activities. The aim is for pupils to be entered for the OCR Entry Level PE award or for AQA PE Unit Awards by the end of year 10.


Pioneers Year (11-14) : The intent of the pioneer’s curriculum focuses on preparing pupils to lead healthy active lives, by developing pupils understanding of how to exercise independently and safely. To also build knowledge of the physical opportunities available to them in the local community and to develop the building blocks to help prepare for adulthood. In addition to this, educating pupils on the positive effects exercise can have on your physical, mental and social well-being.