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Two Rivers High School

Curriculum Statement

            Two Rivers High School 

Maths Curriculum Statement 


At Two Rivers High School, we want to prepare our learners to be as independent and confident as possible in life by giving them the skills to cope well with maths in everyday situations. We aim to provide opportunities for students to access activities to develop numeracy skills and to foster a love of maths. 


Our curriculum has been developed using a two-year rolling programme where key areas, such as place value and calculations, are taught for at least one half term per year. Students will also be given regular opportunity to consolidate prior learning throughout the year, at the start of lessons, to help with the retention of facts and procedures. 


Lessons are planned using small steps and giving the students experience of using concrete materials and pictorial representations before moving on to abstract concepts. Teachers ensure that concepts are fully embedded, through variation, making connections and problem solving, before students move on to the next step. Links to real-life examples are given where possible. Possible misconceptions are identified during the planning process so that, should they occur, they can be rectified immediately. 


As fluency is also such an integral part of maths, the students are assessed regularly in their knowledge of number bonds and multiplication tables. The school has subscribed to Times Tables Rock Star and regular competitions are held between different groups of students. Students’ engagement with the web-site and progress is monitored. 


Students’ progress is monitored and recorded on Solar. They sit external exams according to their pathway and progress. Currently Explorers complete AQA Entry Level Certificate by year 10 and Adventurers complete AQA Entry Level Certificate by year 8 and sit Level One Functional Skills in year 10. Pioneers take Edexcel Entry level Functional Skills papers or AQA Level One or Two according to their attainment with the highest attaining students taking AQA GCSE.