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Two Rivers High School

Curriculum Statement



Two Rivers High School

Science Curriculum Statement


The Science department at Two Rivers High School wants to inspire all students to have a sense of awe and wonder about the world around them. We hope students will scientifically question why events happen, how things work and practically find solutions to problems. It is our intent for all students to develop a love of Science and continually be curious about the world.

The number of Science lessons per week is dependent on the tier in which the students are in. For example, in Adventurer Year 9 and 10 students will get 3 lessons per week. The lessons are split across the laboratory and classrooms to students have the opportunity to learn the knowledge before applying it when completing experiments/practical tasks.

The Science department currently offers GCSE Physics and GCSE Biology to students in Pioneers. GCSE Biology students have often achieved well at GCSE. GCSE Physics was a new subject in 2021.

The Science department aims to achieve the following for all students are Two Rivers High School:

  • To develop practical skills 
  • To develop an understanding of the world around us 
  • To develop critical thinking skills 
  • To develop problem solving skills 
  • To develop self-confidence and independence skills 
  • To complete accredited courses as appropriate to individual needs 


The impact of learning for all students is that they are able to rationalise the world around them and make critical informed decisions based on their knowledge of science. We aim to instil a love of all aspects of the natural world and understanding of the positive and negative ways humans affect the world around them. Students gain understanding of how to solve problems and evaluate evidence which can support them in other subjects in school and beyond into their future lives beyond TRS.