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Two Rivers High School

Curriculum Organisation & Rationale


The curriculum at Two Rivers High School is designed to meet the individual needs of all our pupils.  This pupil centred approach aims to be motivating, relevant, broad, and balanced as well as supportive and aspirational. We build our curriculum around the pupils’ Educational, Health and Care Plans, as well as their prior learning and experiences. The curriculum is organised according to the needs of the pupils. Pupils are placed in specialist departments (Discovery, Explorer, Adventurer and Pioneer). Please click the documents below for the department rationales.  

The Curriculum has been planned and sequenced so that new knowledge and skills can be built on. Each curriculum department has a clear rationale and overview which outlines the units of work to be delivered. Our Curriculum Maps show how each subject is taught over a rolling programme which allows pupils to be placed in appropriate mixed year groups. Pupils are grouped according to their needs, abilities, friendships etc. Timetables are shared with pupils, parents, and carers.  

Our Curriculum Pathway document shows the intended journey our pupils will take while they are at Two Rivers High School. Our aim is to offer pupils a range of opportunities and experiences which will give them skills, confidence, and ability to be good citizens, engage in further education/ learning and life beyond education.


Teachers carefully assess each pupil’s ability, working closely with internal and external specialists as well as parents and carers. Targets are set within the EHCP / annual review process as well as across the curriculum by specialist teachers. This assessment then informs the planning.

Teachers also identify strategies, interventions, and other holistic approaches to support the individuals. These are delivered in school and often planned and delivered by internal and external professionals (e.g. SALT, OT, Therapists, Counsellors). 



The aspiration for all pupils who attend Two Rivers High School is they achieve their full potential in all aspects of their development. The outcome of the curriculum is highly individual, and all progress is celebrated. This may be personal, social, or academic progress. This is measured using our online assessment package, as well as the progress achieved in the annual EHCP meeting. Progress is shared with parents and carers verbally, during parent consultations evening, during termly assessment reports and annually during annual review and reports.  



You can visit the department webpages. Click the links to the right of this page.