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Two Rivers High School

Curriculum & School Life

Two Rivers High School Curriculum Statement

Curriculum Aims

Here at Two Rivers High School, our curriculum is varied, differentiated and creative. Our ethos of “education through creativity” is the basis in which we have built our curriculum. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of all our students and allowing them to achieve their potential.

Through our curriculum we endeavour to provide our students with a sense of self-worth, responsibility and self-discipline. A differentiated curriculum allows our students to grow in confidence whilst acquiring new skills; to become as independent as possible and to achieve individual academic success. Our curriculum is flexible, allowing us to provide students with a variety of worthwhile experiences which form the cornerstones of their educational pathway. Practical, theory and interactive lessons both challenge and motivate our students to accomplish their goals.

As a school we have high standards and expectations for our students and we set aspirational targets that drive our students. We guide our students through a number of courses and programmes such as AQA unit awards, Entry level certificates, functional and freestanding qualifications, WJEC Pathways certificates, GCSE biology and GCSE short courses. We also provide  Sports Leaders qualifications alongside vocational options and Duke of Edinburgh. Our after school clubs offer students a well-rounded and fulfilling school life. Our Solar assessment programme allows us to track progress to maintain a curriculum that is relevant to our students.

KS3 and 4

The majority of our students follow the National Curriculum. This includes:

English Maths Science
Geography Physical Education Design and Technology
History Art ICT
RE Music French

Many students have the opportunity to take part in other vocational and creative subjects such as Forest School and some vocational subjects such as Engineering, Dance, Drama and Photography.


As well as covering the core subjects the curriculum is designed to prepare our students for life beyond Two Rivers. A variety of vocational subjects are covered including.

Independent Travel Cooking Real Game
Independent Living Skills Media Sports Leaders
Gardening Textiles Engineering
Volunteering Hair and Beauty Retail
Performing Arts Duke of Edinburgh  

Many sixth form students have the opportunity to take up a work experience placement and develop their CVs and interview skills.

Complex Needs

Please refer to the separate document on our Sensory Curriculum