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Tamworth Nursery Two Rivers EYFS


Curriculum Aims:

At Two Rivers EYFS and Tamworth Nursery we deliver a broad and balanced curriculum that is built on children’s interests and provides hands on experiences that promote curiosity and a lifelong love of learning that supports every child to reach their fullest potential.

Our curriculum follows a thematic approach to learning that considers the guidance laid out in Birth to Five Matters and the Development Matters documentation. The guidance helps to inform us of the journey each child needs to make through the delivery of the curriculum to enable them to succeed in their learning and to reach their fullest potential.

Our curriculum is topic based. All of our teaching and learning is through activities (which we call jobs) and learning are linked to the topic/stories. We ensure that all children have every opportunity to become immersed in their learning by using a sensory, hands-on approach that allows them to develop sensory, cognitive, communication and thinking skills across all Seven Areas of Learning. We recognise that children are active learners and that they learn through their senses, exploration, investigation and play.

As part of our consideration of preparing for adulthood all activities and experiences take into account individual needs and preferred learning styles enabling children and allowing them to develop successfully at their own pace. Experiences are repeated to ensure that children build on previous learning and deepen knowledge and skills, develop familiarity, and build confidence to explore and interact as independently as possible. We believe that the need to prepare for adulthood is important even at this young age.

Communication, Language and Literacy is at the heart of everything that we do and is an integral part of our EYFS curriculum. We enable children to interpret their own environment, learn to make choices and decisions that will influence their life and to grow in confidence in a supportive, enabling environment with warm, nurturing relationships that allow our children to thrive.

Preparing For Adulthood in EYFS at Two Rivers EYFS and Tamworth SEN Nursery

Through the EYFS pathway we pride ourselves on promoting a Life-long love of learning that encourages both independence and resilience for all children. We promote and support greater independence throughout the curriculum and all 7 areas of development. All staff have high aspirations and expectations for all children and have a clear understanding of how to effectively support and promote independence. Activities and learning experiences centre around children’s aspirations, interests, and needs. Even at such a young age, we believe we can provide learning opportunities that prepare children for adulthood through new experiences, responsibilities, building positive relationships and developing independence.  Below, are some examples of how the EYFS pathway enables children to have opportunities and increase their chances of achieving throughout their lives.


The children are at the centre of everything we do and observations form the core part of our assessments and daily practice. Assessment plays an important part of helping parents, carers and practitioners to recognise children's progress, understand their needs, and to plan activities and support. Ongoing assessment is an integral part of the learning and development process. We use Tapestry as our assessment tool and use the Cherry Garden bespoke framework, which is designed to support children with special needs. We share data and target reports with parents termly.