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Two Rivers High School

Contributing to our Community


How we contribute to our community.

1. Providing quality education.

* We aspire for our students to become productive members of society, contributing to the local economy and community development.


2. Community outreach and engagement.

As a school, we support our community by:

  • Providing Outreach support for many schools in Tamworth and Staffordshire. Outreach - Two Rivers School
  • Providing a safe building for members of the community to use. 
  • Running parent and carer workshops 
  • Supporting local charities, companies and businesses on our Facebook page 
  • We invite guest speakers and local organisations into school e.g. Azaylia Foundation 


Our students support the community by:

  • Running a school charity store 
  • Volunteering 
  • Litter picking 
  • Taking part in events 
  • Getting out and about in our community (we are ready, respectful and responsible in our community)  
  • Taking part in events locally and nationally

3. Volunteering & Charity work

  • During the Autumn term, our DofE students volunteer in the community. 
  • Many classes, as part of their community learning, volunteer in the community, such as litter picking, gardening in the community gardens. 
  • Students raise money for charity, e.g. Cancer Research, British Legion 
  • Some of our students volunteer with the hopes of finding a future job e.g. The Donkey Sanctuary, The Alpacca Farm, the dog sanctuary, local Café, local garden centre. 
  • Project work e.g. Collecting food for the food bank, collecting toiletries, supplies for Ukraine  
  • We deliver local leaflets to our neighbours, for local businesses. 

4. Facilities for community use or action which benefits the local environment:

  • Schools open up their facilities for community use outside of school hours. 
  • We share information, training and resources with the community on our school website. Parents and Carers - Two Rivers School


5. Collaboration with local businesses and organisations:

  • We have many partnerships with local businesses, schools and other organisations to create internship and apprenticeship opportunities for students, as well as to develop programs that address community needs, such as job training, health initiatives, or environmental projects.

Just some of our local connections: Specsavers (Tamworth), Changes (Tamworth), CiC, South Staffordshire Mental Health support Team, Calm Careers, Aldi, South Staffs College, Brairs Barn, Queen Alexanders College, Eagles Nest, Wonky Candles, Burton Albion, Leicester Tigers, Wolverhampter Wonderers, Birmingham University, Derby University, Tamworth College, and many more. 


Students have volunteered or worked at: Wonky Candles, Tamworth Info Biz, JD's Old Skool Gym, The Heart of Tamworth Cafe at the Sacred Hedart Church, Belgrave Community Allotment & Garden, Mr Tyre Auto Centre, Two Rivers Primary School Millfield School, Heathfrield Infact Academy, The Glam House, Lucky Tails Alpacca Farm, Two Rivers High School Site team, Polsworth Donkey Sanctuary, and many more. 

6. Promoting cultural and artistic events:

  • We organise and host cultural events, art shows, and performances that showcase the talents of students and community members. This can help promote a sense of cultural pride and unity within the community.

Annual drama performance, Make Some Noise music videos and performances, Two Rivers got Talent Show, Violin performances, School Band, Choir, and much more! 

7. Environmental initiatives:

  • As a school, we promote environmentally friendly practices, such as recycling programs, community clean-up events, and educational initiatives focused on sustainability and conservation.
  • We have a forest school which instils a love of the outdoors in our students.
  • We teach students the importance of looking after nature.
  • Our students recycle (paper, plastic, tin, glass etc.), compost (food and other biodegradable waste), grow vegetables and flowers, feed the birds and much more. 




By actively engaging with and contributing to our local communities in these and other ways, we play a vital role in fostering a sense of unity, responsibility, and progress within the community.